A love letter in your absence

Dear lover, I can only use words to touch you, my hands cannot reach

past the kilometers that separate us in time.

I wait, but at least I do not wait in the vanity of emptiness,

not knowing who you are or for whom I wait.

I do not imagine you with the imagination of a writer of fiction.

I do not conjure up a heroine suffering long to meet a lover off to war,

separated for some worthy cause.


Our love is not the victim of some conflict needed as the recipe for

Do not despair

No one ever sees the pain I have held inside of me, I have wished often times even I could not see.  I get so down and out nothing seems to go my way, I wish many times in my rooms warmth I could stay.

Just  when all seems to gloom and nothing is going right, darkness closing in around me, no hope near my sight.


The warmth of your love reminds me,

your love for me is my light.

Wishful Thinking


Your memory is so ancient, slipping away

when I fumble with it in the night, sadly


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