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The publishing industry has undergone major shifts recently. Many publishers have completely disappeared, and some of the authors who were accustomed to getting the grand treatment from a big company that had plenty of cash to spend have taken refuge with the small presses, including Inverted-A Press. But with every such change, there can be a major culture shock, and it takes a while to adjust to  a new way of doing things.

Press Release: Our Lady of Kaifeng published on September 15,2012

Licking, Missouri. Inverted-A Press is pleased to announce the publication of part one of Our Lady of Kaifeng by Aya Katz. This is a novel about an American school teacher in China during WWII. The first part takes place in Kaifeng at the Precious Blossoms Catholic Girls' School. The second part, to be published in 2013, will take place at the Weihsien internment camp for enemy aliens.

Press Release: Vacuum County published April 19, 2012

Licking, Mo.  Inverted-A Press announces the publication of  a new novel, Vacuum County by Aya Katz. Timed to coincide with the nineteenth anniversary of the Mt. Carmel Massacre, the publication of this groundbreaking book has been long deferred.

"On The Plains of Negev": A translation of "בערבות הנגב"

On the plains of Negev, the dew is sparkling well,

On the plains of Negev, a defender fell.

The youth has ceased his breathing, and his heart has stopped,

A gentle breeze caresses the fallen hero's locks.


Beaten down with sorrow, and horrid agony,

An aging mother stood there and to her son spoke she:


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