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A love letter in your absence

By Wordtoome | published: 28 Mar, 2012 | Comments: 1

Dear lover, I can only use words to touch you, my hands cannot reach past the kilometers that separate us in time. I wait, but at least I do not wait in the vanity of emptiness, not knowing who...

Tags: Poetry, love, Romance, Relationships

Do not despair

By Sissy2814 | published: 29 Dec, 2011

No one ever sees the pain I have held inside of me, I have wished often times even I could not see.  I get so down and out nothing seems to go my way, I wish many times in my rooms warmth I...

Tags: Faith, hope, love

Ryans Candle

By Sissy2814 | published: 27 Dec, 2011

The world as I knew it has been diminished by the loss of your unlived life, one so young extinguished by others hurt and strife, the many you left behind, struggling, questions, answers yet to find...

Tags: Faith, hope, Love.

Who are we?

By Sissy2814 | published: 27 Dec, 2011

Let us be honest with ourselves and face that from the very beginning of our creation, we have always shown a lack of appreciation for any type of human equalization, we have always been greedy for...

Tags: Segregation, Population, Socialization.

"On The Plains of Negev": A translation of "בערבות הנגב"

By admin | published: 4 Jun, 2011

On the plains of Negev, the dew is sparkling well, On the plains of Negev, a defender fell. The youth has ceased his breathing, and his heart has stopped, A gentle breeze caresses the fallen hero...

Tags: English translation, The Plains of Negev, Aya Katz, רפאל קלצ'קין, איה כ, תרגום לאנגלית, תרגם, בערבות הנגב, לעברית


By Salvatore Salerno | published: 30 May, 2011

The gadgets are whirring, they're whirring, And their whisper is like a low wind, Your eyelids are heavy, my children, You're tired, you're falling asleep, While the fish and the...


Wishful Thinking

By Haunty | published: 25 May, 2011

  Your memory is so ancient, slipping away when I fumble with it in the night, sadly It shines my soul, like a large, antique ring the trembling hand of an old man.

Tags: memories, hope, love

To those who claim superiority

By ScottK | published: 24 May, 2011 | Comments: 1

To those who claim superiority O'er life complete and boast supreme command, Who mindlessly declare authority Denoted by possession of a gland That somehow, in their minds, imparts a rank As...

Tags: sexism, equality

The Fee of the Chaste

By admin | published: 24 May, 2011

The Fee of the Chasteby Aya KatzHalf a child I might bearIn another nine months,Has seeped out of me   And has gone down the drain.It was nothing I did,But an act left undone,That is...

Tags: commercial chastity, pubwages, what would you do to have a baby, the wages of sin, getting hands dirty

Why There are No More City States

By Zora | published: 7 Apr, 2011 | Comments: 1

In the ancient world, there were once city-states. These were cities that were also states. But today, a city is seldom a state in its own right. Cities do not retain sovereignty over themselves....

Tags: city states, cities, states


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