"On The Plains of Negev": A translation of "בערבות הנגב"

On the plains of Negev, the dew is sparkling well,

On the plains of Negev, a defender fell.

The youth has ceased his breathing, and his heart has stopped,

A gentle breeze caresses the fallen hero's locks.


Beaten down with sorrow, and horrid agony,

An aging mother stood there and to her son spoke she:


The gadgets are whirring, they're whirring,

And their whisper is like a low wind,

Your eyelids are heavy, my children,

You're tired, you're falling asleep,

While the fish and the whales and the dolphins

Are swimming about in the deep.


The boxes are flashing, they're flashing,

With pictures we cannot resist--

You're under my spell, my devoted,

Don't worry, you're going nowhere,

While the hawks and the eagles and ravens

Are soaring aloft in the air.


Wishful Thinking


Your memory is so ancient, slipping away

when I fumble with it in the night, sadly

To those who claim superiority

To those who claim superiority
O'er life complete and boast supreme command,
Who mindlessly declare authority
Denoted by possession of a gland
That somehow, in their minds, imparts a rank
As greater than what mate exist they with,
And yet, when bid, they answer with a blank,
Expose I here the proof of false this myth;
If there is only one of any thing,
Then obvious is dominance of theirs,
However, there may be no single king
Above the world when power comes in pairs;
No Better has there been since first we grew,

The Fee of the Chaste

The Fee of the Chaste

by Aya Katz

Half a child I might bear

In another nine months,

Has seeped out of me   

And has gone down the drain.

It was nothing I did,

But an act left undone,

That is causing my nausea and pain.


Why There are No More City States

Tyre was once a poweful city-state, but is now just a city in Lebanon.In the ancient world, there were once city-states. These were cities that were also states. But today, a city is seldom a state in its own right. Cities do not retain sovereignty over themselves. They are mere municipalities, subject to the rule of other, bigger entities called countries, or nations, republics or monarchies.

Getting to Know John Wheatcroft

John Wheatcroft, the author of our upcoming title, Portrait of a Lover, is a World War II veteran. In this video, he shares some of his experiences.

Lunar Offensive Video by Steve Fried/Gustavo Chaviano/Marilyn Kaggen

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John Wheatcroft's PORTRAIT OF A LOVER

In preparation for the publication of John Wheatcroft's new book, Portrait of a Lover, we have been looking at photographs for the cover. The book begins and ends with a park bench, a bench that is of immense importance to the plot of the story. It could not be just any bench, but one of a certain character, old fashioned and peculiar to parks in Pennsylvania during a certain period of time. We were very lucky to find a photograph by Michael Abbott that is just right.




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