Greater than Ourselves

My father, Amnon Katz, died in October of the year 2000. Recently, an old friend of his, who last saw him in 1999, asked me to try to find for him two articles that my father had sent him shortly before his death, and which he'd since misplaced. One of the two articles appeared as the opening editorial of the last issue of the Inverted-A Horn that my father edited. Rather than send a photocopy of the article to my father's friend by snail mail, I will share it with everyone here, in the form of two image files.

A searchable text version of this article is available on PubWages.


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I read the article on Pubwages, but it looks really nice in the scanned original form.  There is just something enjoyable about reading newspapers and newsletters.

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Thanks, Sweetbearies. My father did all the typesetting on the old Inverted-A newsletter, and I agree that it looks very nice.