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John Wheatcroft's The Portrait of a Lover has been published

We are happy to announce that John Wheatcroft's novel, The Portrait of a Lover, has been published. It is now available on Amazon.


If you would like to learn more about the novel, consider this book trailer, featuring the music of  Jackson Hill.

John Wheatcroft at Home and on the Page

The new short film by Sara Cross profiling John Wheatcroft is a study in calm and reverence. Having watched it with a chimpanzee at my side, I can tell you that it has both a soothing and calming effect on the most critical of viewers. At the same time, it tends to foster concentration and introspection.

Greater than Ourselves

My father, Amnon Katz, died in October of the year 2000. Recently, an old friend of his, who last saw him in 1999, asked me to try to find for him two articles that my father had sent him shortly before his death, and which he'd since misplaced. One of the two articles appeared as the opening editorial of the last issue of the Inverted-A Horn that my father edited. Rather than send a photocopy of the article to my father's friend by snail mail, I will share it with everyone here, in the form of two image files.

An Interview with Julia Hanna

I recently interviewed writer Julia Hanna, who is a member of the Inverted-A site, under the pseudonym Sweetbearies. Here is our video interview, which was conducted on Skype:


The video interview format, once open only to celebrities and employed only by video journalists is now open to all. We are free to explore the world we live in and to speak to people across the globe.


An Interview with George Plimpton

Today, on another site where I write, the name of the late George Plimpton was suddenly mentioned. Oddly enough, it was in an automatic game posting, because George Plimpton was a man who wore many hats. He was the founding editor of The Paris Review, a goal tender for the Boston Bruins, a boxer, a baseball pitcher, and a pitch man for various products, including video games. But did you know he was also a musician who played the triangle?

Getting to Know John Wheatcroft

John Wheatcroft, the author of our upcoming title, Portrait of a Lover, is a World War II veteran. In this video, he shares some of his experiences.

Lunar Offensive Video by Steve Fried/Gustavo Chaviano/Marilyn Kaggen

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John Wheatcroft's PORTRAIT OF A LOVER

In preparation for the publication of John Wheatcroft's new book, Portrait of a Lover, we have been looking at photographs for the cover. The book begins and ends with a park bench, a bench that is of immense importance to the plot of the story. It could not be just any bench, but one of a certain character, old fashioned and peculiar to parks in Pennsylvania during a certain period of time. We were very lucky to find a photograph by Michael Abbott that is just right.




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