What You Can Do To Help Market Your Book



The publishing industry has undergone major shifts recently. Many publishers have completely disappeared, and some of the authors who were accustomed to getting the grand treatment from a big company that had plenty of cash to spend have taken refuge with the small presses, including Inverted-A Press. But with every such change, there can be a major culture shock, and it takes a while to adjust to  a new way of doing things.

Inverted-A Press will publish books that it finds worthy of publication, get them typeset, get them indexed with the Library of Congress, get them an ISBN number and have them available for sale on Amazon. All of this we do, in exchange for exclusive rights to an author's work. We are not a vanity press, and we do not charge for the service of putting out a book. But we are also not a large press, so we expect our authors to actively help in marketing their books. Then they and we can reap the rewards, which will be shared proportionately in the form of royalties.

But what can an author do to help market his own book? Just like us, most authors are not wealthy and do not have a direct pipeline to the major news outlets. Nevertheless, there is much that an author can do to help market his book.

Recently, I gave a talk at the Texas County Museum of Art and History. I gave some tips for authors on how to help their small press market the book.


Following the talk there was a lively question and answer session.

All of the Inverted-A Press books were on display during this appearance at the Texas County Museum of Art and History. Quite a few books sold. I encourage all our authors to schedule for themselves similar appearances in their local venue, as well as doing all the other things I suggested, such as keeping a blog and booking a virtual book tour.

Small efforts can yield big rewards in time. It's not easy to adjust to a new way of doing things, but all of us are learning new methods of marketing and publishing and connecting to our readers. Please join me in finding the best ways to market your book.