Press Release: Transatlantic Lives by Jesse Bier has been published

Licking, Missouri, December 7, 2012. Inverted-A Press is pleased to announce the publication of Transatlantic Lives by Jesse Bier. This book is a memoir of the author's relationship with his wife whom he met in Biarritz in 1945 and a depiction of life on both sides of the Atlantic, in a French Sephardic family and in Hoboken, New Jersey, before World War II, during and after. Not quite a novel but also not a full fledged biography, Transatlantic Lives tells its story through a series of exquisitely fashioned vignettes that freeze the passage of time and allow us to savor the moment. Very different from most books about World War II, Jesse Bier's Transatlantic Lives opens a window on a bygone era and on the personal struggles of individuals caught in the snares of the war.


Transatlantic Lives


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