An Interview with George Plimpton

Today, on another site where I write, the name of the late George Plimpton was suddenly mentioned. Oddly enough, it was in an automatic game posting, because George Plimpton was a man who wore many hats. He was the founding editor of The Paris Review, a goal tender for the Boston Bruins, a boxer, a baseball pitcher, and a pitch man for various products, including video games. But did you know he was also a musician who played the triangle?

Music is a theme that runs through John Wheatcroft's upcoming new book, The Portrait of a Lover.   When you read the book, you can tell that he knows quite a bit about choral music.

Plimpton believed that before he could write about anything, he had to experience it. He never allowed not having a background in a field of endeavor to prevent him from attempting to practice it. He was humble enough to learn, but not so humble as not to try. Is it arrogant to think that we could do almost anything, if only we gave it our all? Or are most of us lazy, because we are unwilling to try? The interview embedded below is from the year 2000 and includes a lot of interesting information. 


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