Why There are No More City States

Tyre was once a poweful city-state, but is now just a city in Lebanon.In the ancient world, there were once city-states. These were cities that were also states. But today, a city is seldom a state in its own right. Cities do not retain sovereignty over themselves. They are mere municipalities, subject to the rule of other, bigger entities called countries, or nations, republics or monarchies.

What are some famous city-states from the past? Tyre and Sidon come to mind. Also Babylon and Ur. Athens and Sparta were successful city-states, as was Rome, before it came to be a major world power. But now, look around the globe, and how many city states can you think of?

There are only a handful:

  • Monaco-- The Principality of Monaco is, according to the wikipedia, an independent City-State, despite the fact that the Principality of Monaco and the City of Monaco each govern the same area.
  • Singapore -- Singapore is an insular city-state in Southeast Asia. Singapore is well known for its law-abiding citizens and the Draconian discipline that is enforced there.
  • Vatican City -- Vatican City has grants its own citizenship, makes its own laws and signs its own treaties. Though it is within Rome, yet it is apart and independent.

What if every city were a city-state? Would this be a world full of chaos and war, or might it not be a more peaceful world, because every city could make its own laws, laws that are pleasing to its own citizens. And if you do not like the laws? Then move to another city!



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Hey, Zora, speaking of Tyre, did you know that there is new movement in Lebanon to revive the Phoenician culture?

Check this out: http://www.unitedphoenicianparty.org/