Who are we?

Let us be honest with ourselves and face that from the very beginning of our creation, we have always shown a lack of appreciation for any type of human equalization, we have always been greedy for modernization, say to hell with doing anything in moderation, we have been and still are a spoiled, high tech, fast food, wanna be nation with little to no respect for social integration, we continue to tolerate segregation, ignore human degradation, proudly celebrate masturbation, forgive fornication, deny our humiliation, hide our self mutilation, condone a youth that lack motivation, take for granted a free education, thanks to a repeatedly failed legislation cannot even protect our babies from child molestation, we are obsessed with a false sense of infatuation, despise the word immigration, sit around and complain about the current situation, wallow knee deep in our own procrastination, blame others for our fear and desperation, it is up to all of us to take action, to find a working solution, reset our level of toleration.  I ask who are we as a nation? I wish my thoughts were an exaggeration, even a figment of my own imagination, do you share my agitation? can we channel our frustration? focus on our determination? together change the situation and everyday do our part to change our precious nation?