The gadgets are whirring, they're whirring,

And their whisper is like a low wind,

Your eyelids are heavy, my children,

You're tired, you're falling asleep,

While the fish and the whales and the dolphins

Are swimming about in the deep.


The boxes are flashing, they're flashing,

With pictures we cannot resist--

You're under my spell, my devoted,

Don't worry, you're going nowhere,

While the hawks and the eagles and ravens

Are soaring aloft in the air.


The screens are all shining, they're shining,

In a language we all understand--

Give me your will, my servants,

Obey what we shall command,

While the wolves and the deer and cougars

Are running all over the land.


The rulers of earth are relaxing,

They're not plotting their feverish plans,

While the earth for the moment is resting,

And healing as best as it can;


Creatures are calling with primitive voices

Their masters cannot understand;

All the fish in the sea, and the birds of the sky,

And the beasts throughout the land

Are restless, relentlessly staying alive,

And are free in a fragile reprieve.

(c) 2011 by Salvatore Salerno