To those who claim superiority

To those who claim superiority
O'er life complete and boast supreme command,
Who mindlessly declare authority
Denoted by possession of a gland
That somehow, in their minds, imparts a rank
As greater than what mate exist they with,
And yet, when bid, they answer with a blank,
Expose I here the proof of false this myth;
If there is only one of any thing,
Then obvious is dominance of theirs,
However, there may be no single king
Above the world when power comes in pairs;
No Better has there been since first we grew,
For Nature has decided us in two.

© 2011 Scott Kass

Note: I wrote this at about age 20. I don't remember anything in particular that occurred to prompt it. Maybe a classmate said something along the lines of what this poem refutes and it gnawed at me. I believe many men feel the same way as do I, but I've not often seen or heard them express themselves on the matter. I'll sometimes write simply on what makes undeniable sense to me; there are two kinds of humans, as there are the overwhelming majority of animal species, and so both are equally-important in the world on which they came about. Certainly, one is different from the other, but two kinds exist - if one was generally-superior, would the other remain?


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     this poem is  quite brilliant.  it is both  intense and directly  draws you in.   i have read it over and over.  excellent writing.