Ryans Candle

The world as I knew it has been diminished by the loss of your unlived life, one so young extinguished by others hurt and strife, the many you left behind, struggling, questions, answers yet to find,  wanting, wishing to trade places with you,,,,,,   wondering without you now what to do? perplexed by this struggle I feel, remembering your face without pain is surreal, I pray everyday for the strength to believe,  God helping me live as I continue to grieve, I tell myself this is not goodbye, my faith in God is not a lie, I will live inspired by your smile, finding comfort this emptiness is only a while, when the pain seems it is closing in, I kneel down and pray once again, I know for now you rest in peace soon this agony I know will cease, in my heart your memory burns bright giving me comfort through the darkest night, know I love you and will never forget, I promise your memory will forever be lit.