How to submit material to Inverted-A Press


If you have written something so valuable that it should be shared with the world, then consider submitting it to Inverted-A. If what you have written is as good as many other things available on the market, comparable in value, but not in any way a unique contribution, then please send it elsewhere. How will you know the difference?

Here are a few handy tests:

* Does it fall within a clearly delineated genre template, not deviating in either content or form form what the genre expects? Then it is probably not for us.
* Does it rely on values that everybody agrees are "good", without exploring what makes those things good? Then it is probably not for us.
* Does it fall into the formless and meaningless category? Then it is definitely not for us.

What should it be?

A story that has never been told. Something that will make the reader reexamine preconceptions, search his own conscience, and go forth enlightened, inspired and ready to do battle for whatever he believes in.

Are these submissions guidelines too vague? Then read some of our books and learn by example.