The Fee of the Chaste

The Fee of the Chaste

by Aya Katz

Half a child I might bear

In another nine months,

Has seeped out of me   

And has gone down the drain.

It was nothing I did,

But an act left undone,

That is causing my nausea and pain.


            The wages of sin 

             May be shame and disgrace,

             One is paid for the lie

             In which one engages,

             But much harsher still

             Is the fee of the chaste

             For chastity metes out no wages.


© 1984, 2011 Aya Katz

Note: I wrote this poem in my twenties when I was contemplating what compromises might be necessary in order to bear a child. Would I have to give up on true love? Would I have to submit to someone who was not my equal? Would I have to do something low in order to get anything at all? Is no wages in the end a far more bitter punishment than the wages of sin? These questions are always with us, no matter what it is we are trying to accomplish. Is it better to break a few eggs to make an omelette, or to do nothing, for fear of doing something wrong? And is there some other, alternative way to accomplish our goals, that will not sully our hands, break our hearts or our lose us our souls?

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