March 2016

Press Release: Our Lady of Kaifeng, vol.2, is Published

Inverted-A Press is  happy to announce the publication of the second volume of Our Lady of Kaifeng: Courtyard of the Happy Way. 


Books for Sale Published by Inverted-A Press

Here is a brief video trailer that ties some of our titles together by theme and subject matter.

Judging a Cover by Its Book

There is an adage that no book should be judged by its cover. But in the publishing industry, the function of a cover is to speak for the book, to entice readers and to make promises about what is inside. According to author Jacqueline Lichtenberg:  "Reviews... focus entirely on whether the book delivers what the cover ... indicates is inside."  If this is really true, then a bad review might  not indicate a bad novel at all. Maybe it is just that the cover was not right for the book.