May 2011


The gadgets are whirring, they're whirring,

And their whisper is like a low wind,

Your eyelids are heavy, my children,

You're tired, you're falling asleep,

While the fish and the whales and the dolphins

Are swimming about in the deep.


The boxes are flashing, they're flashing,

With pictures we cannot resist--

You're under my spell, my devoted,

Don't worry, you're going nowhere,

While the hawks and the eagles and ravens

Are soaring aloft in the air.


Back-linking and Promotion

If you are a contributor to Inverted-A Press, it is a perfectly legitimate use of your presence on this site to build backlinks in order to get some publicity for yourself and your writing. If you have a website of your own, in which you publicize your writing, your publications or even just your point of view, feel free to link to that site from what you publish here. All we ask is that you not link to anything that is in bad taste, because whatever you link to will reflect back on us. So feel free to let yourself soar and to use Inverted-A as the springboard!

Wishful Thinking


Your memory is so ancient, slipping away

when I fumble with it in the night, sadly

To those who claim superiority

To those who claim superiority
O'er life complete and boast supreme command,
Who mindlessly declare authority
Denoted by possession of a gland
That somehow, in their minds, imparts a rank
As greater than what mate exist they with,
And yet, when bid, they answer with a blank,
Expose I here the proof of false this myth;
If there is only one of any thing,
Then obvious is dominance of theirs,
However, there may be no single king
Above the world when power comes in pairs;
No Better has there been since first we grew,

The Fee of the Chaste

The Fee of the Chaste

by Aya Katz

Half a child I might bear

In another nine months,

Has seeped out of me   

And has gone down the drain.

It was nothing I did,

But an act left undone,

That is causing my nausea and pain.


New Reviews of Ping & the Snirkelly People

I'm happy to announce that there is a new review of my children's book, Ping & the Snirkelly People, on Amazon, posted by John Wheatcroft. Here is the link:

If you are an customer, please vote the review as "helpful". This will help Wheatcroft's status as a reviewer, and it won't harm me, either. ;->