April 2011

Why There are No More City States

Tyre was once a poweful city-state, but is now just a city in Lebanon.In the ancient world, there were once city-states. These were cities that were also states. But today, a city is seldom a state in its own right. Cities do not retain sovereignty over themselves. They are mere municipalities, subject to the rule of other, bigger entities called countries, or nations, republics or monarchies.

Getting to Know John Wheatcroft

John Wheatcroft, the author of our upcoming title, Portrait of a Lover, is a World War II veteran. In this video, he shares some of his experiences.

Lunar Offensive Video by Steve Fried/Gustavo Chaviano/Marilyn Kaggen

New Hub About My Novel

I wrote a new hub about my novel I am working on.

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Writing Tips

This thread will deal with technical issues of writing.


Here is a recent Hub I wrote on this topic: